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Monument Styles & Treatments



The designs on our website are a small sampling of options available. If you can dream it, we can create it. A standard Upright design is always a great choice for a monument.


Slant Face

Slant Face Monuments have a thick bottom and taper to a thinner top. Similar to an upright monument, but with less height, the face of a slant is cut at a steep angle.


Bevel Top

A bevel top marker is a low marker, with a slightly slanting top. Bevels are slanted with a 2” pitch so that the back of the granite cemetery marker is slightly higher than the front.

Flush Markers

A flush grass marker is placed in a final resting place, leaving the face of the marker flush, or level with the ground. A vase(s) may be added to most designs.


Laser Etching

From a simple portrait of your loved one to a photographic collage telling their life story, laser engraving allows the highest level of detail possible.



Our bronze memorials combine molten bronze and specialized technology with original photographs, to create beautiful memorials.


Bench Memorials

Bench memorials offer an alternative to traditional monuments. These special tributes hearken back to a time when cemeteries were used as parks.


Whatever the size, detail, location or scope of your project, you can rely on Herstead to deliver the most value for your investment.


Granite & Stone Selections

Granite is a natural stone product that has an endless array of unique characteristics, colors and patterns that vary from block to block.